Medical Research Papers: Importance of Thorough Investigation

No doubt, medical research paper is a difficult academic assignment, because it requires author’s attention to concrete details and moral aspects. It should include not only your personal discoveries and search work but also a vast theoretical base. Many medical issues and problems have already been investigated by lots of people. It will not be time-consuming to find relevant sources in the library.

It is easier to write a paper with medical research than any other work, because you do not need to tackle an untouched problem. In a medical research paper you should choose one aspect of a problem and look through the works, which have already been published. You should be very attentive structuring your paper with medical research:


Make a plan of your medical research paper.

Start with a short introduction in your work. Smoothly transit to your specification.

Give precise recipes of the medicines and materials and other necessary equipment.

Describe carefully an experiment in the medical research paper. Compile the list of references.

Do Not:

You should not include every material you have used into the introduction of your medical research paper. Instead place references in the end of your work. Tell the readers (or listeners) about the main theoretical works and papers you needed for your work. It will produce proper effect.

You should not put all your discoveries to the first part of your paper with medical research. There is a special section “Results” for such conclusions. You should not announce names, any personal information, and hospital numbers of people who became the participants of the experiment, described in your medical research paper.

You should not use animals for your research if they may suffer. It is a question of morality and ethics. You should not stop when you have obtained the results. Analysis is the most important part of a paper with medical research, because it contains your own interpretation of results.